Erica Sonzogni


Dependable, Young Adult, Cat Hellisen, Sea, Houses, Hobs, Vampires, Bats, Sea Witch

Document Type

Book Review


Felicita is a girl born in privilege to one of the royal houses. She has magical powers, powers that only wealthy people in the village possess. At the beginning of the story, Felicita grieves over the death of her friend, Ilven, who jumped off a cliff to escape living in a royal house where she is told what to do and whom to marry. Felicita decides she does not want to live this life either and runs away into the town to live as a pauper. She befriends a group of degenerates, who live off of little and consider each other family since they do not have any original family of their own. Using magic and the sea, the group tries to get revenge on the royal houses, killing many villagers, Felicita’s brother, and almost Felicita herself.