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Elmer's Walk


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Nature, David McKee, Jungle, Animals, Mindfulness, Peace, Elmer

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Book Review


While life swarms on around him, Elmer the elephant enjoys the beauty and peace of nature. A beautiful spider web doesn’t entice the monkeys to pause, but Elmer observes it thoughtfully. Elmer points out an interesting log to the crocodiles—but they keep on moving. He invites the snake to admire the colorful flowers to no avail. Even the lion won’t delay his nap to look at the waterfall. Rush, rush, rush—no one has time to appreciate nature with Elmer. Eventually, Elmer finds and joins his cousin Wilbur in watching the sun setting and stars rising in the night sky. But even Elmer remarks that there’s no time to count all the stars.