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Ella & Monkey at Sea


Excellent, Preschool, Emilie Boon, Sea, Family, Home, Sun, America, Journey

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Book Review


A new home for Ella, her mother, and her plush toy, Monkey, awaits across the sea. But first they must leave everything they know behind and ride an ocean liner full of unfamiliar people and activities. Ella and Monkey feel very sad at first and don’t even want to play. When a big storm tosses the ship back and forth, the two buddies realize they can chase away their fear by drawing pictures—pictures of the sun, to be exact. As they distribute the artwork to other passengers they have met on the ship, Ella and Monkey cheer up and so does everyone else! By the time the waters calm down and the ship arrives in New York, Ella and Monkey are excited to say “hello” to Ella’s papa as well as all the new adventures they are sure to have.