Jazmin Gomez


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Erin Downing, Jen Bartel, Princesses, Music, Bands, Rebellion, Spacepop, Space, Fashion, Friendship

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Book Review


When the evil Empress Geela kidnaps their parents and takes over their planets, the five princesses of the Pentangle are forced into hiding. Not content to quietly bide their time, Princesses Athena, Rhea, Juno, Luna, and Hera go undercover. They form a band to fight back in their own way and spread a message of hope. As their fan base grows, they team up with The Resistance to carry out missions that weaken Geela’s position. Though they are successful in their first battles, it’s only the beginning of the war, and the princesses prepare to continue the fight for their families and for their homes.