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Abigail Packard


Excellent, Young Adult, Alan Gratz, Journeys, Family, War, Violence, Refugees

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Book Review


Josef is a Jew during WWII fleeing to Cuba. Isabel is a young girl from Cuba during the political unrest of the mid-90s escaping to America. And Mahmoud is a young man from present-day Syria, running from the violence and destruction that plagues his home country. Each character undergoes horrific and stressful journeys in order to find hope in a new home. Josef’s family never make it to Cuba, but through a painful sacrifice, Josef’s sister is able to find peace and a home. Despite the grueling journey filled with loss, Isabel’s family finally make it to Florida. And after the terror of being separated on the Mediterranean sea, Mahmoud is able to get to Germany with his family. Despite the years spanning between them, the stories intersect at the end in surprising ways.