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Ravenskull: Volume 1


Natalie Hatch


Dependable, Young Adult, Christopher Vogler, Elmer Damaso, Templar Knight, Monk, Honor, Holy Grail, Ivanhole

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Book Review


Brian De Bois Guilbert falls in love with Rebecca, a gorgeous healer who is in love with a competing Knight, Ivanhole. But Ivanhole loves the sweetheart from his youth, the Saxon Princess Rowena, and they plan on getting married. Brian and Rebecca are cursed in the world of the dead and are given powers that allow them to walk in the land of the living while seeing into the world of the dead. The Grandmaster tries to help the two by diagnosing their curse and sending them on their way to hopefully find a talisman that can undo the curse and bring them back into the world of the living.