Article Title

Arkham Woods


Natalie Hatch


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Christopher Rowley, Jhomar Soriano, Graphic Novel, Cthulhu, End Of The World, Self-Harm, Bones, Human Sacrifice

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Book Review


Kristi and her mother recently moved to Arkham Woods. Things get weird when Kristi, her boyfriend Tommy, Dantwon the star football player, and Lin the class brain find mysterious boxes containing mostly human-like bones. They also open a series of confusingly empty chests. Then Kristi wakes in a trance in the middle of the night and dances to a hidden portrait while slashing her wrists—apparently, the group unlocked the chests that could awaken Cthulhu. Dantwon is lost as a vessel of Cthulhu, having opened the final box, and Tommy dies as a sacrifice to stop the end of the world.