Article Title

The Rose Legacy


Gabrielle Borg


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Jessica Day George, Horses, Family, Uncles, Human-Animal Communication, Home, Orphans, Fantasy, Queens, Kings

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Book Review


After being shifted about between family members and unwanted for nearly ten years, Anthea dreams about a loving family. Her long-lost uncle, Andrew, requests for her to come live with him at Last Farm. Little does she know that Last Farm hides an enormous secret: horses, the animal that has been forbidden in the kingdom for centuries. In a moment of weakness, Anthea writes to her aunt about the horses. As Anthea grows to love the horses, especially her dear Florian, she finds that she has an ability called The Way, an ancient power that allows humans to communicate with horses. The letter Anthea wrote resurfaces as she is warned that the King now knows the secret of Last Farm. Anthea sets off on a journey to the Queen to save the horses, discovering more about her family and herself along the way.