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I Am Actually a Penguin


Taran Burnett


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Sean Taylor, Kasia Matyjaszek, Penguin, Humor, Costume, Uncles, Family, Snow, Imagination

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Book Review


Imagine living in the snowy world of Antarctica and eating fish for every meal. That is exactly what a little girl does when she receives a stylish penguin costume from her uncle. She loves the costume so much that she feels like she actually becomes a penguin—even when her family tries to convince her otherwise. She hangs out in the fridge and tries to create snow in her house. All the while, her family persistently reminds her that she is not a penguin. When Monday rolls around she is persuaded that her exciting costume needs to be washed. She is no longer a penguin, but she becomes something even better.