Article Title

The Hate U Give


Abigail Packard


Outstanding, Young Adult, Angie Thomas, Racism, Police, Black Lives Matter, Family, High School

Document Type

Book Review


Starr Carter inhabits two vastly different lives: her life in the fancy prep school she attends, and her life in a lower-class neighborhood with her family. Starr keeps these worlds separate and distinct. But all of her careful compartmentalization begins to crack when she witnesses the shooting of Khalil, one of her childhood friends, at the hands of a police officer. But it’s all of the events that happen after Khalil’s death that shock Starr’s carefully crafted life. And as Starr navigates the rubble left in the wake of this pivotal moment, she realizes the importance of her words, the importance of what she says, and the importance of Khalil’s story told by the only person who saw it happen.