Article Title

I See Reality


Abigail Packard


Short Story, Controversial Issues (LGBTQ+, Abortion, Abuse, Immigration, School Shootings)

Document Type

Book Review


This anthology contains twelve stories in prose and comics. The topics range from sexual orientation, abusive relationships, immigration, addiction, and more. The book jumps right in with a story about a girl that’s struggling to break free from an abusive relationship with a long-time boyfriend. Further in the anthology we meet one character dealing with drug addiction and struggling to overcome withdrawal. Finally, we learn about the story of twin brothers, one of whom is an illegal immigrant while the other is a citizen of the US, and the sacrificial swap one makes in order for the other to keep the precious opportunities afforded to US citizens. And along the way nine other characters are presented—flaws, struggles, and all—in an attempt to give a quick peek at the different realities that many of us have to face.