Article Title

The Art of Starving


Abigail Packard


Excellent, Young Adult, Sam J. Miller, Anorexia, Homosexuality, Superpowers, Mystery, Family, Bullying

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Book Review


Matt’s mother is struggling to keep her low-paying job at the slaughterhouse, and Matt’s older sister Maya has run away from home. To compound these issues, Matt suspects Tariq (a boy Matt both hates and loves) may have been involved in Maya’s disappearance. Life for Matt changes when he discovers the superhuman abilities he develops when his body is deprived of food. Matt wants to use his powers to help find his sister and punish whoever has hurt her. As Matt tries to discover what has made his sister leave, he becomes entangled in a tempestuous relationship with Tariq and works to heighten his superpowers by eating less and less. The story culminates with Matt’s body finally passing out from lack of nutrition, and he’s forced to confront the fact that his superpowers are really just his mind’s way of combating his anorexia.