Article Title

Spill Zone


Emma Patton


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Scott Westerfield, Alex Puvilland, Trauma, Doll, Sister, Danger, Graphic Novel, Photography, Orphan, Apocalypse, Supernatural

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Book Review


Addison lives her life on the edge. Metaphorically, because she will do whatever it takes to stay alive and provide for her sister. But also literally, because she and her sister live near the Spill Zone, where her parents died and her little sister was traumatized forever. The Spill Zone is what became of Poughkeepsie, New York, after a mysterious event turned it into a wasteland where strange things live and dangerous things happen. Addison regularly breaks the law to venture in and take pictures of the Spill Zone, which she sells on the black market. But then a buyer offers Addison more money than she could have imagined to take a picture of something within the hospital, a place she never goes. This task will require her to break the rules that have kept her safe in the Spill Zone for so long. But she doesn’t see how she can possibly turn it down, so she accepts the offer and becomes more acquainted with the Spill Zone than she ever wanted to be.