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Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, Food, Coming Of Age, Childhood, Adolescence, Divorce, Recipes, Memoir, Graphic Novel, Travel, Baking, Cooking, Memories

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Book Review


Lucy doesn’t remember things in the traditional way. Instead, her most significant memories are those that are related to food. It is the remembrance of the taste and experience of eating food that allows her to string together moments from her upbringing and explore how she eventually arrived in adulthood. Lucy grew up with food-enthusiast parents and was taught from a young age about high-quality cuisine. Unlike other kids, Lucy ate the fancy foods that her parents ate and was able to participate in the dinner parties with adults who saw food as a way of life. Eventually, Lucy develops a way of interacting with food that is all her own and finds her own tastes and preferences. Some of her eating is influenced by her childhood and the tastes of her parents, but much of it is all her own and shows that she has her own “relish” for the exploration of food and self.