Article Title

Missing May


Emma Patton


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Cynthia Rylant, Death, Grief, Friendship, Adoption, Orphan, Family, Love, Religion, Afterlife, Spirituality

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Book Review


Summer and Uncle Ob are grieving. After Aunt May’s death, they realize May was the heart and soul of their little family. May was the mother figure Summer always needed and had been since Aunt May and Uncle Ob adopted her when she was six years old. Summer is devastated at the loss of Aunt May, but she is also saddened that Uncle Ob seems completely lost without May. Summer wishes that Ob loved her enough that she could be the reason for him to keep on living and trying, but she can see that she is not enough. Luckily, Cletus, one of Summer’s schoolmates, inserts himself into their lives and shows Summer and Ob how invigorating a passionate life can be. Cletus doesn’t have much, but he has big dreams, and he shows Ob and Summer how to continue having their own dreams, even without May by their side.