Outstanding, Primary, Lois Lowry, Middy Thomas, Human Anatomy, Skeleton, Schools, Charm Bracelets, Human Body

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Gooney Bird is a high-spirited, bright second-grader at Watertower Elementary School. For their science unit, Gooney Bird brings in a skeleton named Napoleon for the class to borrow. They find ways to teach their whole school about the human body by placing Napoleon in different relevant places in the school with posters around him. He starts in the library as they learn about the brain. Then, he travels to the cafeteria, the gym, and outside to teach about the digestive system, the muscular system, and the respiratory system. His time outside quickly comes to an end when he is stolen. The class uses clues to find the culprit, a parent who is unhappy about the creepy skeleton being around the school in the first place.