Ariel Woodbury


Dependable, Yvan Pommaux, Intermediate, Greek, Mythology, Graphic Novel

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Book Review


Orpheus, a great musician, falls in love with Eurydice, but shortly after they marry, she dies. Orpheus decides to journey to the Underworld and use his music to convince Hades to release Eurydice. His beautiful playing helps him to get across the river Styx and past Cerberus, the three-headed dog. When he arrives, Hades and Persephone listen to his melancholy ballad. Hades tells Orpheus that he will allow Eurydice's soul to follow him back to the land of the living so long as Orpheus never looks behind him. The journey back to the land of the living is more difficult than his journey in, but when Orpheus is almost done he can't bear it any longer and looks over his shoulder, causing Eurydice’s spirit to decent back to the Underworld. The people are so disgusted with how depressing Orpheus's songs are now that they kill him, allowing him to finally be reunited with his love.