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Ellen McCarty


Excellent, Arree Chung, Preschool, Primary, Ninja, Siblings, Dress-Up, Imaginative Play

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Book Review


Ninja Maxwell opens our eyes to the secret adventure that is all round us. Hidden in the everyday surroundings of a normal household, he finds the tools and shows us the skills necessary to be a ninja. He sneaks through the rooms of his house, tumbles, and is fast on his feet. We follow this young boy as he enters enemy territory of the kitchen on a secret mission: cookies and milk! He must be strong, face danger, and overcome obstacles of dog, mother, little sister, and kitchen counters. When his sister falls and cries, it brings dishonor on this ninja. But Maxwell redeems himself, showing he is a true ninja with courage, and makes amends with his sister, teaching her the way of the ninja.