Outstanding, Primary, Jennifer Hamburg, Jenn Harney, Pet, Family Life, School, Fundraising, Humorous, Extrasensory Perception, Tomorrow, Future, First Things First

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Book Review


Hazy Bloom can tell the future—at least, she thinks she can. She’ll be doing something ordinary when suddenly a “tomorrow vision” will appear in her head. The challenge then is to make sense of it. So when Hazy gets a vision of the logo of a pet shop, she’s sure this means she’ll finally get a long-awaited pet iguana. That is, if she can convince her parents that she is responsible enough for a pet. When Hazy is roped into being in charge of a fundraiser at school, she realizes that this is an opportunity to show her maturity. Only being in charge is a lot harder than it seems. With the help of her friends, Hazy is able to put on the best Pet Day the school has ever seen. She learns that being responsible means putting first things first.