Article Title

Hearts Unbroken


Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, Indigenous, high school, theater, journalism, romance, friendship, family, racism

Document Type

Book Review


High school senior Louise has just broken up with her super popular boyfriend Cam. With him, she was a somebody. But Louise couldn't stand being with somebody who was prejudiced against Native Americans, especially since she is a proud member of the Muscogee tribe. When her little brother lands a lead role in The Wizard of Oz, things start to heat up for Lou and her family. A bigoted group called Parents Against Revisionist Theater is protesting Lou's Native American brother in the role of the Tin Man, as well as the casting of a black girl as Dorothy and a Latino boy as the Scarecrow. Lou wants to be able to speak up against her classmates who are similarly upset at the racially-diverse cast, but finds it difficult to win against the complex intricacies of high school and small-town politics. Lou has to learn how to effectively speak her mind, give people a chance, and understand her own prejudices and shortcomings.