Article Title

These Things I've Done


Meagan Andrus


Outstanding, Young Adult, teenager; romance; death; healing; mental illness; family; friendship

Document Type

Book Review


Everything is broken when Dara's best friend Aubrey is killed in a horrible accident, one that many people blame Dara for causing. Now it's Dara's senior year and she is back in her hometown after a year away. Things are still uneasy wherever she goes. Her relationships with her parents and little brother are strained, no one at school wants to talk to Dara because of the accident, and Aubrey's younger brother Ethan seems to be forgiving and gentle - but who could forgive the person who caused their sister's death? Dara has to learn to heal, to allow herself to fall in love again with the other person who knows Aubrey best, to rediscover the fearless girl she used to be.