Article Title

The Sun is Also a Star


Taylor Nelson


Excellent, Young Adult, Love at first sight, Fate, Immigration, Expectations, Deportation

Document Type

Book Review


When Daniel meets Natasha, he’s convinced it’s love at first sight, but Natasha isn’t so sure. With her family due to be deported back to Jamaica the next day, logical, hard facts-loving Natasha is hoping for a miracle, even though she doesn't believe in miracles. The two immediately hit it off, but Natasha is very different from the romantic, poetry-loving Daniel. In the midst of Natasha’s meetings with immigration officers and lawyers and Daniel’s interview with a Yale college alumnus, the two part ways and then, somehow, find each other again. Is it fate? As the day unfolds, Daniel and Natasha spend every possible moment together, and as they learn more about each other, they begin to change for the better. Daniel begins to consider that he does not need to become what his parents want him to become, and Natasha realizes she wants to find a passion. In the end, Natasha is not able to stop her family’s deportation, but ten years later, Natasha and Daniel coincidentally meet again.