Taylor Harris


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Friendship, Animals, Woodland Animals, Journey, Dragons

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Book Review


Twig and his friends, Lily and Basil, set off to take their baby dragon, Char, home. While sailing, they must find their way around a beaver dam, food shortage, and even a mighty storm. Their ship sinks, shipwrecking them on an island where they discover more baby dragons, Char’s siblings. When it becomes apparent that the dragons are fine on their own, Lily and Twig start building a way to go home. To their surprise, their enemy from back home, Professor Burdock, appears and with Basil’s help tries to smuggle the baby dragons off the island. Lily and Twig fight to save the dragons, and with the help of the mama dragon, the babies are rescued and Lily and Twig are able to make the journey home safely.