Article Title

The Complete Maus


Natalie Hatch


Excellent, Young Adult, Holocaust, Jews, WWII, prejudice, history

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Book Review


Art Spiegelman is trying to come to terms with his Auschwitz-surviving father and the realities of what happened to him and the world under Hitler’s power before he was born. Never having got along with his father and always feeling like his older brother, killed during WWII when he was still a young boy, was the ghost that he could never live up to, Art feels trapped in his life as a designated failure. Using his cartoonist mindset and skills, Art slowly uncovers stories about his father’s past, illustrating them and sorting the realities and stories into something he can understand. He learns about his mother, Anja, and the terrors his parents faced in the war. He also tries to use these story-sessions with his feather to build a relationship he never felt he had.