Karen Abbott


Dependable, Primary, Supernatural, Thriller, Chiller, Twins, Swamp Thing, Pets, Swamp. Pollution, Mutation

Document Type

Book Review


Twin brothers, Lance and Chance, live in poverty near the polluted swamp where things have been mutating. The twins long for a pet, but their family can't afford another mouth to feed, so when they come across a large turtle egg, they decide to take it home to hatch. When the egg splits open, out comes a creature like nothing they have ever seen or heard of. They create a pen for their new pet and introduce it to a neighbor girl. She wants one of her own, so they set off to explore the part of the swamp where they found Thing. The three find Thing's mother howling her loss through the swamp. In terror they run away. The mother goes on the hunt. Lance must reunite mother and infant in order to save Chance!