Article Title

Skeleton Tree


Tessa McMillan


Dependable, Intermediate, Family; Siblings; Social Issues; Death & dying; Legends, myths, fables;

Document Type

Book Review


Stanly Stanwright’s life is slowly falling apart. Stanly's archaeologist father has left and Stanly's sister, Mirren, is very sick. A small finger bone poking out of Stanly’s backyard draws all his attention away from his problems. Each day more bones push themselves out of the dirt, as if a skeleton is sprouting like a tree. Before Stanly’s eyes the skeleton pulls itself out of the ground to freely move around. He notices that as the skeleton develops, Miren's health declines. Stanly begins to wonder if the skeleton is an evil angel of death arriving to take his sister away. He rages against the skeleton, but it cowers in fear. With Miren defending the helpless creature, Stanly backs off and watches as Miren is comforted by the skeleton up until her death.