Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Fantasy & Magic; Families; Potions; Friendships

Document Type

Book Review


Gordy Stitser and his mother, Wanda, are Elixirists, or potion-makers. While Wanda is out of town, Gordy gets a package with a potion labeled 'Eternity Elixir'. An eccentric woman named Esmerelda attacks the house so she can take the potion. Two Elixirists arrive to fight Esmeralda and her gang. They tell Gordy that the Eternity Elixir can be substituted for any potion ingredient or drastically improve or overpower a potion. In the wrong hands it can become a weapon. Esmeralda takes one of Gordy’s best friends hostage to get the potion from Gordy. Thankfully, Wanda returns and with Gordy’s friends defeat Esmeralda and her gang.