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Period 8


Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, realistic fiction, teenagers, high school, swimming, teachers, mystery, sociopath

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Book Review


Paulie Baum does pretty well for himself - he gets good grades, is an all-star swimmer, and has a wonderful girlfriend. In his eighth period class, members can talk about whatever they want in a safe place. Led by their understanding and gifted teacher, Mr. Logsdon, no subject is too taboo and no secret will be blabbed. After a classmate goes missing, things start to unravel: Hannah, Paulie's girlfriend, dumps him without a word of understanding, no one seems to know where the missing classmate could be, and the school's ASB president seems to be hiding things. Eventually the missing classmate returns, but that's not where the mystery ends. Throughout many winding twists and turns, Paulie uncovers dark secrets of his quiet little hometown and the period eight kids have to learn who they can really trust in their safe space.