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Taylor Harris


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, thirst, gangs, clean water, dowsing, courage, resilience

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Book Review


Sarel has lost her family. The memory of gunshots and fire haunt her. Water is almost non-existent in the city and in the desert, so she decides to leave to look for water somewhere, anywhere. Then a boy named Musa turns up. Musa is scabbed and weak from years of being prisoner to the Tandie, a violent gang, so Sarel decides that she’ll help him. She tells him of her plan to leave. He tells her that he has the ability to hear and find water. They search to no avail. To make matters worse, the Tandie show up. After a show down, the Tandie flees and Musa finds a way to the rainwater tunnels underground where they can have water, finally.