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Kenzie Pierce


Outstanding, Young Adult, Murder, Investigation, Las Vegas, Fathers and daughters, Poker, Gambling, Casinos, African Americans

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Book Review


Nikki Tate is the clever daughter of Nathan Tate, a world-renowned poker player who has been wrongly convicted of murder. When Nathan is released, he is determined to discover the identity of the true killer. Meanwhile, Nikki uses her incredible skill at cards in illegal poker games. Nathan is found murdered in an alley, and Nikki becomes obsessed with discovering the truth about his death. As her poker connections and dogged determination lead her deep into the dark underbelly of crime, Nikki must rely on her friends and her street smarts to discover the murderer before she is killed. Despite dangers and betrayals, Nikki is able to pull off the ultimate hustle, revealing her father’s killer and sending him to jail.