Karen Abbott


Excellent, Primary, Zombies, Birds, Graphic Novel, Cicadas, Friends, Adventure

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Book Review


Rumor in the woods is that zombies are real and that they are about to attack! Once Slingshot manages to awaken Speed Bump, they set off to find the truth of the matter with a mouse who burps and an owl who doesn't believe any of it. They find the source of the rumor, and she says that zombies are real and that she, herself, has seen them! She even has a map to the dreaded location where they will arise again this very night! The brave (or foolish) adventurers fly off and land in the middle of the frightful rise of the zombie bugs. Did you know that cicadas rise from the ground every seventeen years with spooky red eyes to discard their old skin in favor of new wings? Now Speed Bump and Slingshot know that too! A friendly cicada invites them back in seventeen years to meet his children.