Melissa Secor


Excellent, Preschool, Service Animals, Dogs, Labradoodle, Ronald McDonald House, Sick Children

Document Type

Book Review


Mogie isn’t cut out to be a service dog. He fails at search-and-rescue and he isn’t calm enough to be a show dog. But when Mogie wanders into a special house in the middle of the city, he finds exactly what he’s meant to do. Mogie has a special talent at finding sick, sad kids and cheering them up by giving them exactly what they need. He makes friends with the sick children in the house, and helps them find their 'mojo.' He chases his ball, runs races, and does backflips- anything to make the children smile. When they don’t feel like smiling, Mogie sits next to them, licks their fingers and stares out at the beautiful blue sky.