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Meagan Andrus


Cannot Recommend, Young Adult, Venice Beach; surfing; art; mother and daughter; rape; mythology; fairytales; family; friendship

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Book Review


Sephora Golding lives in Venice Beach with her mother, Rebecca, whom Seph has always imagined as a mermaid: wildly beautiful and captivating, like the ocean. Seph is nothing like her, instead preferring to wear baggy jeans and make unique art out of items found on the beach where she lives. Her summer at first seems to be relatively boring, but she spends one night with a mysterious but gorgeous older surfer. Throughout the meandering storyline, Seph hints at a dark secret, though it is not until later that she reveals what has been hidden in plain sight for the reader all along: the mysterious surfer she spent the night with is her biological father. It seems that Seph is able to rise above this horrible twist, but the reader is left with not much closure.