Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, Amusement Park, Park Ride, Courage, Bravery, Adventure, Horor

Document Type

Book Review


Sam Carver has won a ticket to be the first on the brand new ride, Dragon Tooth. The attendants soon belt her into her seat next to a rather pasty boy who looks sick even before the ride begins. As the carts move forward into a dark tunnel, a landslide and the sounds of explosions separate Sam and the pale-skinned boy. At the end of the tunnel they see a fallen ride worker and another woman desperately trying to fix things. Sam manages to extricate herself and the boy with her, and together they make a mad dash for the surface. They encounter a giant Thing and take cover in a cave. As they explore, they discover a cavern of bats and use the bats to find a way out of the cave. Sam determines to save herself, the boy, and to find her parents while discovering the depths of her courage.