Ariel Woodbury


Excellent, Young Adult, Refugees; Activism; Civil Rights; Immigration; Race; Cultures; Identity;

Document Type

Book Review


Sandra and the rest of her tribe, the Banyamulenge, are outsiders everywhere they go. For Sandra, this means fleeing their home almost yearly to escape persecution and war. When Sandra was ten years old they fled the Congo to a refugee camp in Burundi. The camp was attacked and Sandra watched as her little sister, aunt, and mother were gunned down along with much of the camp. While she and most of her family escaped, Sandra carries the weight of her sister's death and the horror of the massacre with her. Her family is in shock and grieving for a long time. The massacre's survivors interview for a relocation program to go to America. When they get to America, they have difficulty with the language, finding employment and bridging the cultural divide. Here Sandra becomes an influential activist for human rights, women, and minorities.