Tessa McMillan


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Mystery and detective stories; Hotels, motels, etc.; Smuggling; Identity; Ghosts; Adoption

Document Type

Book Review


It’s Christmas Break and Milo is missing his ghostly friend Meddy. Georgie and Clem arrive at Greenglass House to hideout from their theft that went wrong. Meddy reappears because she can sense trouble arriving on Greenglass’s doorstep in the form of carolers hailing from a local asylum. The caroler’s traditional Christmas visit to Greenglass House goes haywire when two carolers are mysteriously injured, a third caroler is slightly poisoned, and Georgie and Clem’s stolen goods from their caper are taken. The carolers stay overnight, giving Milo and Meddy time to investigate. On the following day, it is revealed that one of the carolers is a master smuggler presumed dead, and a few others are there just to steal Georgie and Clem’s goods. Thanks to Milo and Meddy deductions, all is revealed and resolved, resulting in a quiet, happy Christmas for Milo.