Taylor Harris


Excellent, Primary, pirates, goldilocks and the three bears, fairytales, pirate talk

Document Type

Book Review


Mama Pirate, Papa Pirate, and Baby Pirate live happily on their ship, though minor things are falling apart. A stool and hammock lie broken and the food never tastes very good. One day, while they are on land getting supplies, a young lass named Goldenlocks finds their ship and climbs aboard. She tastes the gruel and finds that Papa’s is too hot, Mama’s is too cold, but the Baby’s is just right. Adding a bit of spice, it even tastes good! After trying out their stools and hammocks, Goldenlocks falls asleep on board. The pirates return and find that many of the necessary repairs have been fixed and their gruel tastes good! When they find Goldenlocks, instead of throwing her overboard as originally planned, they offer her a job and now live as four pirates on a seaworthy sloop.