Nancy Haight


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Friendship, babysitting, monsters

Document Type

Book Review


Kelly Ferguson, age thirteen, works every job she can so she can attend Camp Miskatonic, where she will have an idyllic summer and come back magically transformed into a cool kid. On Halloween she decides to earn money by babysitting her mother’s boss’s 5-year-old son, Jacob. After tucking him into bed she quickly discovers that monsters under the bed are real when they arrive and carry Jacob away! She dials Jacob’s regular sitter, Liz, who helps her chase after the monsters to save Jacob. Before Jacob’s parents return, Kelly and her new friends, professional babysitters like Liz, race around the area, fighting monsters to find and retrieve Jacob and get him safely home to bed. Kelly gains a new appreciation for her strength and for the uncool-but-best-friends-ever team of professional babysitters and joins their group.