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Taylor Harris


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, war, friendship, loyalty, hardship, PTSD, animals

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Book Review


Fifteen-year-old Billy joined the army and is being sent off to fight the Turks in Gallipoli. On the way there, he meets a boy named Captain and his donkey, Hey-Ho, who are in the service corps and are sent along with Billy’s platoon. They move from battle to battle, experiencing the horrors of war, but amidst all the fighting, Captain and Hey-Ho are always there providing relief to the troops, especially Billy. Captain and Billy develop a close friendship as they are both far underage. Two years later, fatigued and delusional, Billy accidentally shoots Captain and it almost destroys him. His soul is ravaged with memories from war and of Captain. After it’s all over, Captain finds Billy and they are able to head home together. The end of the war brings peace to the world, but only Captain can bring peace to the inner war in Billy’s mind.