Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Fantasy, Friendships, Dragons, Islands, Oceans

Document Type

Book Review


Twig, Lily, and Basil have set sail in search of the dragon Char’s family. Their voyage takes them out to sea, where a terrible storm destroys their vessel. A friendly sea turtle transports the bedraggled group to a small island. Soon after their landing, the friends encounter several of Char’s siblings, but still no mother dragon. Before Twig and Lily can go search for her, Basil betrays his friends by leading his Uncle Burdock to the group. Burdock plans to use the baby dragons for his own financial gain. Basil and Burdock trap Lily and Twig, kidnap the baby dragons, and set sail for the Hill. Twig and Lily escape their bonds and, luckily, come across Char’s mother. With her help, Twig and Lily stop Basil and Burdock from taking the baby dragons.