Article Title

Wolf Hollow


Karen Abbott


Oustanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Bullies, Bullying, Truth, Lies, Lying, Prejudice, Country Life

Document Type

Book Review


Some life lessons sink deep. This is true for Annabelle who is eleven, almost twelve. Until now her life has been about chores, family, school, and animals but this year, things become more complex. Betty Glengarry moves in with her grandparents and immediately begins bullying Annabelle. Annabelle decides to handle the situation by herself. But Betty is a bigger problem than Annabelle can handle on her own, especially when Betty and the school bully, Andy, combine forces. Annabelle's little brother is injured by a wire stretched between two trees on the path to the school house and her friend, Ruth, loses an eye when a rock is thrown from a hill above the school during recess. Annabelle knows in her gut that both incidents are Betty's fault, but Betty blames the World War I veteran, Toby, who never talks and who carries three guns on his back as he wanders the neighboring woods. Toby is Annabelle's friend and he defends her when Betty threatens to beat her. Things spiral into a knot of accusations and World War II prejudices. Annabelle speaks out, hides Toby, and helps rescue Betty from a well. Things have gone beyond anyone's control and despite Annabelle's efforts Betty dies of gangrene and Toby is killed by State troopers.