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Abigail Packard


Dependable, Young Adult, Sci-fi, Los Angeles, Futuristic, Technology, Online, Friendship, Drugs

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Book Review


Marisa lives in Mirador in 2050, when everyone is connected through a djinni—a device that’s implanted directly into a person’s head. Mari and her friends, Sahara and Anja, are always connected. But when Anja comes across a drug called Bluescreen that connects directly into the djinni, Mari’s carefree world begins to unravel. After an accident that nearly kills Anja while she’s plugged in to Bluescreen, Mari begins investigating the drug. She learns that the drug implants into a djinni a code which can be used to take over the mind and body of the Bluescreen user. Mari becomes embroiled in a hunt for the creators of Bluescreen and, with the help of her friends, is able to discover and take down one of the main creators of the drug. But it’s only the beginning when, after their short-lived victory, they are contacted by a mysterious handler that claims to have been playing them the whole time.