Article Title

Wolf Hollow


Taylor Harris


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, bullying, fear, kindness, courage, good, evil, lies, deceit

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Book Review


Life for Annabelle has been quiet and pleasant - that is, until Betty Glengarry moves in. Betty, a brutal and calculating girl, starts to bully Annabelle and threatens to hurt her brothers if she does not comply. Annabelle stands up with quiet courage, and eventually Betty turns her sights to an old war veteran, Toby. To the rest of the town, Toby seems strange and crazy, but Annabelle knows him for his kindness. When he is accused of crimes actually committed by Betty, Annabelle must figure out a way to defend Toby and clear his name. But alas, it is too late. The trail of lies and deceit leads to the deaths of both Betty and Toby.