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Through With the Zoo


Karen Abbott


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Goat, Zoo, Personal Space, Loneliness, Finding What Makes You Happy, Living With Others

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Book Review


Goat is done with the petting zoo. Everyday there are so many little hands and arms and faces wanting to play. It's too much! He can see that other animals in the zoo have their own places with a little bit of distance between their pen and the people moving by. Goat leaps the fence and tries living with a koala and an elephant, but is not comfortable in their enclosures either. Finally, he finds a peaceful shade tree and is happy until night comes. In a change of heart, Goat decides that being alone isn't always what he wants. Sometimes he wants a few of those hugs after all. Now that he has his own space and a space to share with little "kids", Goat is very happy!