Article Title

They Both Die at the End


Bethany Stevens


Young Adult, Adam Silvera, Death, Life, Grief, Sexuality, Friendship, Outstanding, Love

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Book Review


Mateo and Rufus are two ordinary teenagers and total strangers with nothing in common . . . except that they’re both destined to die in the next twenty-four hours. They Both Die in the End is set in an alternate version of our world where science has cracked the code to predict death. A company called Death-Cast calls individuals destined to die within the next twenty-four hours so that they have time to set their affairs in order, say your goodbyes, and fully live out your End Day. Death-Cast is never wrong and no one has ever lived after receiving the call. Mateo is quiet and a bit of a shut-in, always afraid of venturing outside his comfort zone. Rufus is a bold and sometimes reckless orphan with a tight-knit group of foster brothers. When circumstances conspire to leave both boys completely alone on their End Day, they download the Last Friend app. The two boys meet, sparking an unlikely relationship and an End Day full of introspection and adventure.