Amanda Durrant


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Tina Nolan, Animal Rescue, Goats, Foxes

Document Type

Book Review


Ella and her family run the Animal Magic Rescue Center that takes in all sorts of animals in need, including a stubborn and ornery goat named Gordon. When young Ella goes to check the gate before closing the rescue center for the night, she hears a faint animal cry from the forest. She finds an injured fox kit who they take back to the rescue center and nurse back to health. As the fox, named Copper, is recovering, Ella falls in love with him even after the warning from her mother that he is a wild animal. Ella and her brother work hard to find homes for the other animals, including one for Gordon the goat, but Ella is having a hard time with the reality of releasing Copper back into the wild. The family comes up with a plan to track the fox kit to make sure he is okay, but panic strikes when the tracker’s transmission stops after shortly being released into the wild. Ella and her brother go looking for the kit and see that he has reconnected with his family. The transmission had stopped because he was underground in the fox den.