Article Title

Maybe a Fox


Abigail Packard


Excellent, Intermediate, Kathi Appelt, Alison McGhee, Sisters, Friendship, Death, Grief

Document Type

Book Review


Jules and Sylvie have been each other’s rock since their mother died. Behind their home in the forests of Vermont runs a river that disappears into the Slip and reappears a short walk away. It’s here that Jules and Sylvie throw their wish rocks despite the rule to never go there. When Sylvie runs down to the Slip to throw a wish rock but fails to return, Jules and her father are forced to cope with yet another loss to their family. At the same time, a baby vixen names Senna is born. She loves to run and she’s fast. She’s also kennen, an animal born to help a human. As Senna grows, Jules tries to navigate life after Sylvie. After an encounter with Senna that leads to the Grotto, a special place filled with rocks and tokens to honor the deceased, Jules decides to throw one more wish rock for Sylvie. But there are dangers in the forest and Jules gets caught in the middle. Senna throws herself between Jules and danger and saves Jules’s life, sacrificing her own. In light of Senna’s sacrifice, Jules is able to begin living her life again.