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The Stray


Phyllis Rosen


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Sarah Lancaster, Michael Cassidy, Connor Corum, Pet, Lightening, Family, Camping, Stray, Father, Son, Friends

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Movie Review


A young family is falling apart because the father is never home due to the pressures of his job. The dad suggests getting a dog, but his wife concedes only if a stray magically shows up on their doorstep. Soon after, a stray does show up! The dog protects the kids, gives the family lots of love, and becomes a member of the family. When the family moves to Colorado, the young father takes his nine-year-old son, the family dog, and two of his son's friends backpacking in the mountains. However, the group is literally struck by lightning. The dad is directly hit and nearly dies. He recovers, but the dog does not. The four hike out of the wilderness, carrying the dead dog. This is a true story based on an actual event that happened to the director, Mitch Davis.