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Yours Sincerely, Giraffe


Sarah Rawle


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Megumi Iwasa, Jun Takabatake, Adventure, Pen Pal, Curiousity

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Book Review


Giraffe is so bored that he decides to do something about it. Pelican is starting a new mail service, so Giraffe decides to write a letter to whomever it reaches on the other side of the horizon. Pelican delivers the letter to Seal, who then delivers the letter to Penguin. Even though Giraffe does not know what Penguin looks like and Penguin doesn’t know what Giraffe looks like, they continue to send each other letters and become great friends! Giraffe decides to visit his new friend, so he dresses up in what he thinks Penguin looks like. When Giraffe arrives, Penguin doesn’t think Giraffe looks like a penguin at all, but they are happy to see each other!