Lisa Packard


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Kate Karyus Quinn, Supernatural, Change, Memories, Special Powers

Document Type

Book Review


Skylar lives in a special place called Gardnerville where no one ever gets sick and no one ever dies, but it comes at a cost. Every fourth year something happens to the teenagers of the town and their emotions get out of control. Sometimes people get turned into trees or their lips are glued together. Skylar's sister, Piper, killed sixteen people when they followed her to a bridge and drowned. Skylar, full of despair, starts to take forget-me-not pills so she won't remember anything. When people start escaping from the prison, Skylar realizes that she must break her sister out of prison, destroy the prison, and then leave Gardnerville forever. When Skyler destroys the prison, she realizes that Piper was never real, but only a ghost of what Skylar could do. Skylar is now free to roam the world and be her own self.